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Sip Away Draining Fatigue,Deadly
Inflammation, And Preserve Your Health With The Best Tasting,
Purest, and Most Absorbable
Greens Superfood Blend
(at least according to my kids and thousands of satisfied customers)

There's One Thing STOPPING
You From Having More Energy...

Hi, this is Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, RHN and today I want to talk to you about a serious health problem that nearly everyone reading this article is facing right now, at this very moment.

In fact, this problem is so severe that shady food manufacturers have jumped the gun and taken advantage of it (and your health) while millions of people (perhaps including you) continue to suffer each and every day.

This is now being recognized by leading health professionals as a major contributor to premature aging, unexplained joint pain and discomfort, weight gain, sugar cravings, type 2 diabetes, kidney problems, gout, accelerated bone loss, skin conditions, and even mood swings.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about the harsh reality that almost everyone in today’s modern world is suffering from a mild to severe lack of energy brought on by excess acid and inflammatory compounds circulating in their body. It’s simple…

If You Feel Drained and Tired,
Then You’re Likely Inflamed And Too Acidic

According to Dr. Robert Young, a nationally renowned cellular microbiologist and author of the “The pH Miracle”, a lifetime of eating acid-forming, unhealthy foods–like fried foods, sugar, dairy, packaged foods, pizza, hamburgers, and other junk food–makes your whole body acidic. As a result, your body has trouble getting the nutrition and energy it needs from the food you eat.

The result is numbing, daily fatigue. Ultimately, your body becomes an inflamed, acidic cesspool - a sitting duck for energy-robbing bacteria, yeast, fungi and mold. It also drains off your body’s essential nutrients-like B-complex vitamins, iron and minerals.

Acid overload can also contribute to rapid drops in blood sugar levels–leaving you tired and crabby. So what can you do about it?

You flush out all that excess acid by eating more veggies and fruit – which are naturally alkaline-forming.

Within minutes, the acids that are frying every cell in your body begin to dissipate, and then vanish. The result? A perfectly balanced system–and a surge of all-day energy you haven’t felt in decades.

But there’s an inherent problem with the simplicity of this solution…

You Are What You ABSORB, Not Just What You Eat

Without even knowing it, most of us suffer from what I call “Sluggish Digestive Disorder” or SDD, which means that much of what we eat doesn’t get broken down and absorbed properly.

NOTE: If you’ve ever felt tired or bloated after a meal, then you can be sure that SDD is affecting you too.

Since we aren’t truly nourishing ourselves, we tend to eat more calories but remain nutritionally starved. And so we turn to…

Synthetic Pellets That Provide Little Benefit

We often use “quick fixes” like multivitamins to plug the holes in our diet. But there’s another problem with many of these supplements…

Today, most of them are in made in a factory. A bunch of synthetic isolated ingredients go into one end, they get subjected to intense heat and pressure, which further degrades their nutritional value, and then sketchy, smelly pills come out the other end.

And when those nasty pellets go in your mouth, your body can’t absorb whatever nutrients are left.

So you’ve just paid top dollar for little more than glowing pee.

You know there has to be something better, right?

So you go on a shopping spree looking for real nutrition from whole-food sourced ingredients. And the ultimate solution for this – I believe – comes in the form of…

A Greens Powder That Supercharges Your Energy
In Just Seconds A Day

And that’s exactly what I sought out to find some time ago.

After all, eating and drinking more greens is the surest and quickest way to reverse the damage caused by all those acid-forming foods.

Greens are the greatest source of alkaline-forming minerals (calcium, magnesium, and potassium) and that’s one of the reasons that they can have such a beneficial impact on your energy and health.

Much like driving on an empty highway in the wee hours of the morning, as your blood becomes more alkaline (and less acidic) it is better able to flow throughout your body. As a result, it can readily deliver oxygen to your trillions of cells. This oxygen then allows them to produce energy (in the form of ATP).

“British Journal of Nutrition: Acidosis is a REAL problem!”

Researchers make a compelling case that diet-induced acidosis is a real phenomenon, and has significant and long-term negative effects on human health that should be recognized and counterbalanced by alkalizing one’s diet.

Pizzorno, J. et al (2010). Diet-induced acidosis: is it real and clinically relevant? British Journal of Nutrition. Apr;103(8):1185-94.

“Acidosis From Too Much Protein And Too Little Potassium Increases Cortisol Along With Risk of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes!”

A 2005 study suggests that acidosis associated with a protein-rich diet low in potassium (from veggies and fruit) can increase cortisol production.

Since cortisol promotes development of abdominal obesity, and has a direct negative impact on insulin function throughout the body, even a modest increase of cortisol production can heighten one’s risk for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

McCarty, M. (2005). Acid–base balance may influence risk for insulin resistance syndrome by modulating cortisol output. Medical Hypotheses Volume 64, Issue 2, Pages 380–384.

I found that while there are some decent greens powders out there that promise to alkalize your and energize your body, most of them taste like…well…eating grass from your backyard.

Plus, many companies only offer individual supplements and ingredients for specific needs and give us no way of knowing what an effective (and safe) combination is for optimal health.

So yeah…those supplement companies are making a pretty penny off of your confusion.

I was in the same spot. And that’s why I vowed to do something about it.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist having helped over 500,000 people to all-day energy and amazing health, I know that better absorption from whole-food sourced ingredients is the key.

I needed a comprehensive supplement sourced from natural, food-based ingredients so I could get some nutritional insurance in case my diet wasn’t providing everything, especially while on the run or while traveling.

Don’t get me wrong – I juice almost daily and eat plenty of vegetables and fruit but there are still many times when I wish I had something more convenient that I felt comfortable feeding myself and my family.

How about you?

Not surprisingly, I couldn’t find one. Even after trying them all, which led me to…

“University of California Study Reveals The REAL Cause For Obesity in America: Excess ACID Stored inside your fat cells...”

These are ACTUAL human fat cells.

And we now know they hold something even MORE dangerous than fat.

A recent study of 1000 people conducted at the University of California demonstrated that overweight men and women are storing excess ACID –from eating too many unhealthy and sugar-packed foods– in their fat cells.

Why? It’s your body’s natural response to keeping all the excess acid in your body from ATTACKING every cell and organ in your body and wrecking your health. Greens can help neutralize the acids in your body so it can finally “let go” of all that unwanted fat.

3 Shocking Discoveries About Greens Powders
That Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars

Most of the greens powders I tried tasted awful – like eating grass that had recently been cut by a lawnmower. And that meant that I didn’t finish drinking any of them. Talk about a waste of money, right?

Most of them were half empty upon opening the container, which is something that always blows my mind. Why not just make the container smaller, instead of disappointing your customers?

Most of them used poor quality ingredients in order to cut costs. That also means that their absorbability was greatly diminished, which put me back at square one – the nutrient absorption issue.

The Energy Booster That'll Bust You Out of a Slump

Because of these inherent flaws in almost all greens powders on the market…I created my own super greens supplement called “Energy Greens”.

What Most Greens Powders
Are Not Telling You:

Grass Powder vs. Grass Juice Powder

When putting this blend together I discovered the REAL truth about how most grass blends are processed. When you walk into your local health food store you'll see green powder ranging from $20 right up to $100 and many seem to have similar ingredients... so what's going on?

It's all got to do with how the grasses are grown, prepared and processed. It's the difference between GRASS POWDER and GRASS JUICE POWDER!

Most products use cheaper grass powder by cutting then drying the whole grass. This results in a bulkier powder, which is cheaper, harsher on the throat and has less overall nutrient density.

Try this: You can do your own little test at home by mixing grass powder in water and you'll notice the sediment, fuzzy feeling on the throat and the color will be more brown.

Premium products (such as my “Energy Greens”) use more expensive GRASS JUICE POWDER meaning they cut the grass then COLD PRESS JUICE the grass. They then low temperature dry the grass. This results in a richer finer green grass blend with a higher overall nutrient density and is 100% RAW.

When you mix grass juice powder in water it is bright green and looks alive and fresh and tastes that way too! It mixes into water beautifully and crosses your tongue with a velvety smoothness. And that’s what you’ll enjoy with my “Energy Greens” blend.

Now, instead of going to a lab to have scientists concoct something synthetic, I sought out the most reputable and sustainable superfood sourcing company in the world.

And together, we formulated the best-tasting, raw, supergreens blend that you could possibly ask for.

I spent 4 months experimenting in my very own kitchen with 8 magical superfoods to crack the code…

…figuring out the ideal combination of these ingredients that would yield maximum absorption and deliver astonishing health benefits…and actually taste good.

And the result is quite simply – amazing…if I may say so myself.

Since my “Energy Greens” blend is made up of 100% natural food, your body knows what to do with this stuff when you drink it…

So your body soaks up the nutrients like a sponge.

The 8-ingredient blend inside the “Energy Greens” powder contains the perfect balance of nutrients that alkalize your body, boost your energy, improve your immunity, enhance detoxification, and rev up your antioxidant status to fend off disease…

All In One Glass To Give You MORE Energy And
To Help You Look and Feel Better

It’s as simple as that.

I’ve always maintained that food is first.

But I also know that nutritional insurance is also a good idea – no matter what you eat.

The reality is that we don’t always eat as healthy as we’d like. Life gets busy. We have kids. We travel. We’re on the go.

Yet, our health shouldn’t suffer because of this.

That’s why I developed my “Energy Greens” blend – to help you energize your body with 8 powerful superfoods in the tastiest and most convenient way possible.

When it comes to nutrients, your body needs to be able to absorb them. So, stop eating synthetic, ineffective pellets, and start adding a glass of my “Energy Greens” into your day starting today.

It’s your nutritional life insurance and it tastes really darn good.

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Your Cells Want Nutrients, Not Indigestible Fiber

Can you digest grass? Horses and cows do great on it, but for humans with our single stomach, cellulose (aka. fiber) is indigestible. Yes, fiber is necessary for good health but you certainly don’t want it as the main feature in your greens powder.

Which makes you wonder why companies would even sell alfalfa or barley leaf powder, which is mostly cellulose. But that's what most companies do. You may think you're getting a bargain by going with these cheaper leaf powders, but actually you end up paying premium prices for a whole lot of filler.

Our “Energy Greens” feature ingredients that come from the first JUICE of the plant, which eliminates much of the indigestible cellulose, leaving only the nutrients – a rich trove of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals which can be quickly and easily absorbed and go straight to work in your body.

And to preserve the maximum nutrient value, the ingredients in our “Energy Greens” blend are then dehydrated at low temperatures. Yes, it's a RAW food.

The Super 8:

Meet The Cleanest and Purest Ingredients
That Make Up Your “Energy Greens” Blend

It’s Like Having 8 TOP Doctors Guarding Your Health All Day Long

Each of the 8 superfoods we’ve included your “Energy Greens” is sourced from a cooperative of small farmers from around the world who grow their food in sustainable and organic conditions. Each superfood is grown in the most pristine environments and harvested when its nutrient profile is highest.

Minimal processing and close attention to detail ensure that each of the following 8 superfood ingredients arrive at your door as close to their natural, raw state as possible so that you can reap the greatest benefit.

Organic Alfalfa Juice Powder
Alfalfa is an alkalizing plant as it helps counterbalance excessive acidity in the body, which leaves you feeling alive. It’s also been shown to reduce arterial plaque, lower LDL cholesterol levels, and may even help reduce the effects of diabetes.

It is high in chlorophll (a naturally blood purifier)… high in antioxidants…has 4 times as much vitamin C as citrus fruit…and has numerous properties that benefit your immune system, kidney function and health.

Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder
According to the Institute for Preventive Medicine, organic barley grass juice has demonstrated the ability to DOUBLE the speed at which DNA repairs itself!

When barley grass is young and about 12 inches high, it contains all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for the human diet ‐ that’s when we harvest it! Its resulting juice is 7 times richer in vitamin C than oranges, 5 times richer in iron than spinach, and 10 times richer in calcium than milk.

Organic Spirulina
At 60% per serving, spirulina is the highest source of protein on the planet and contains all 8 essential amino acids, detoxifying chlorophyll, the essential fatty acid GLA, plus B vitamins and trace minerals.

But be careful since some companies aren’t careful with their Spirulina. Would you want yours contaminated with coliform, staph, salmonella, arsenic, mercury, lead or cadmium?

We didn’t think so. That’s why your “Energy Greens” blend contains

only spirulina that has been carefully sourced and purity tested for heavy metals to ensure it’s healthful and nutritious… not a potential hazard. In fact, our spirulina has less heavy metal residue than most organic vegetables!

We guarantee that it is completely free of algal toxins or bacterial contaminants and contains no pesticides, herbicides or preservatives.

Organic Chlorella Powder
Organic cracked-cell Chlorella, a complete food with a host of health benefits ranging from detoxification to immune support and more.

Pure, organic Chlorella is a single-celled fresh-water plant that many experts regard as "a complete food". Our chlorella is grown in carefully controlled production ponds to maintain purity where it's able to harness sunlight into energy and nutrition to fuel your body.

Because it keeps all its valuable nutrients locked up inside a hard-to-crack cell wall, our chlorella is cell wall cracked" to maximize digestion and absorption using an ultrasonic method that maintains the integrity of the nutrients, followed by spray-drying process that flashes it into a powder in 2 seconds.

Organic Goji Berry Juice Powder
With a long history as a traditional Chinese longevity food, goji berries are now known to provide a mega-dose of cell-protecting antioxidants, essential vitamins and trace minerals, including vital selenium. They're also loaded with heart-healthy phytosterols and eye-sight-protecting carotenoids, as well as Goji's unique polysaccharides, which are being studied as an explanation for Goji's longstanding traditional health use.

The goji berry juice powder used in your “Energy Greens” come from goji berries grown exclusively in the mineral-rich soil of a pristine

Chinese valley, which has been nourished by millennia of floods from the famous Yellow River, and then hand-picked at the peak of ripeness. Our farming partners take pride in producing an exceptionally high-quality product.

Premium Organic Maca
Maca is a mild-tasting premium organic adaptogen, similar to ginsing, great for energy, recovery, libido, and stress-busting. We’ve included small amounts of maca because of these properties and we only use a premium maca that is organically grown in a region totally untouched by modern chemical farming techniques or polluting industrial activity: the pristine Junin valley of the Andes mountains, 14,500 feet above sea level.

Organic Vanilla
To add a wonderful flavor to our “Energy Greens”, we’ve added only the best raw, organic ground vanilla bean, grown organically in sustainable, fair-trade worker cooperatives, hand picked from the blooms of the vanilla orchid and cured in the sun.

Aside from it’s aromatic flavor, vanilla contains compounds called vanilloids - potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant polyphenols ‐ which can help alleviate many of our chronic inflammation-related problems and diseases (ie. heart disease, diabetes, dementia, etc…)

Organic Cinnamon
Cinnamon's unique healing abilities come from three basic types of components in the essential oils found in its bark. These compounds have been shown to have anti-clotting and antimicrobial activity.

Cinnamon is most famously known for its role in stabilizing blood sugar, making it a great spice for diabetics and non-diabetics alike. Because of its role in reducing rises in blood sugar, it’s an important spice to any weight loss/maintenance regime.

Oh yeah…it tastes and smells great too!

Our Customers Agree...
At Last - An Energy Drink That's Safe, Healthy, and Tastes Great!

“I LOVE your Energy Greens!”

“Hi Yuri, I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your Energy Greens. I put a heaping spoonful in my smoothie every morning, they mix in perfectly, no grittiness and they taste great (unlike others I have tried). Recently I took the greens with me on a holiday, just mixed with water to make sure I was getting enough greens while traveling. Thanks for the great product.”

- Lori Calgary, Alberta

“…definitely the best tasting green powder I've ever tried.”

“I would like to say that your energy greens are definitely the best tasting green powder I've ever tried. Most green powders that I've tried in the past left a very unpleasant after taste in your mouth, energy greens is the first green powder but I've tried that I don't feel like I have to wash it down with extra water.”

- Darrin Walhberg

“I’ve noticed an increase in energy and stamina.”

"Hi Yuri, wanted to let you know I have been using your Energy Greens drink mix for about 30 days now and have noticed an increase in energy and stamina. I mix it in a bottle of Fiji Water and enjoy drinking it. Please let me know when it's back in stock, I have a monthly order in but want to buy extra to give to some of my friends and family.”

- George Katis Bedford, NH

“…it tastes great, and it definitely gives me an energy boost all morning.”

“My husband and I have been taking your Energy Greens in a green smoothie each day. I think it tastes great and it definitely gives me an energy boost all morning. I love knowing that I am getting a large dose of vitamin C in addition to the nutrition from all the green foods that I would never get in my diet without this supplement. Thank you for developing the Energy Greens!”

- Carrie Beaumont, MD Virginia

“They keep me from being hungry between meals.”

“I love using the energy greens for all day sustainability. The greens keep me focused and moving all day. They also keep me from being hungry between meals. I love the greens!“

- Joni Blume

“I feel much more alert and ready to go in the morning.”

“I have been using the Energy Greens for almost a month. I take a tablespoon in the morning in some flavored herb tea, mint or pomegranate are my favorites, then mix well and drink warm. I feel much more alert and ready to go in the morning. I have tried green powders before but always ended up throwing them out because they tasted so bad. Energy Greens taste so much better.”

- Charlotte Haupt

“Your Energy Greens taste great!”

Unlike other green drinks that I have chugged down over the sink because some always ended up in the sink the taste was so strong. Your Energy Greens are so much better. I workout in the morning and I drink your Energy Greens 15-30 minutes prior to working out. I feel great during the workout. Thanks for a great product.”

- Joan Brossia

“Thanks for all of the extra energy.”

“I have been drinking Yuri’s Energy Greens for the past few weeks and have enjoyed the quick energy fix once per day. In the morning I have a pint of a green smoothie (also Yuri’s recipe). In the afternoon, I put the green energy powder into a cup of water and drink it straight up! I have truly liked the drink and look forward to my afternoon energy boost! Thanks for all of the extra energy and thought that you put into making our lives so incredibly healthy!

- Gayle Stroh

“…my general health and well-being has improved.”

“I purchased the Energy Greens because even though my diet was quite healthy I was feeling very listless, lethargic and was suffering from lack of energy. I had been trying various green formulas, protein powders etc and decided to try Yuri’s Energy Greens when he announced its release. I have been using the product for nearly two months now and I have to say that my general health and well-being has improved. I use the powder, along with oat or almond milk, organic protein powder, cocao, nuts and some other ingredients in a morning smoothie and have felt a noticeable difference in energy and vitality. I found most of the other green powders that I tried were too sweet or my liking. However, these Energy Greens strike a great balance between taste and sweetness and even in oat milk alone, has a very pleasing flavor. Thanks for a great product.”

- Phil Minchin Western Australia

“I highly recommend this product for those who, like me have difficulty eating greens.”

“I have been suffering for two years with the chronic condition burning tongue/mouth. Eliminating almost all foods I would ever want to eat and replacing them with gluten free, dairy free, corn free, sugar free, non acidic, non spicy, healthy substitutes has been a full time job-especially for breakfast. I tried Energy Greens looking for a way to get palatable green food into my diet. I found that mixing the green powder with a pea based highly nutritious protein powder and complex powdered mix of probiotics keeps my blood levels well balance enough to feel well all morning and make it to lunch without craving anything else. Yuri is truthful in that his combination is not grainy or overly intense, resulting in a drink that is smooth and very drinkable. The hint of cinnamon gets my tongue's attention, but is very mild and the sensation passes quickly. I highly recommend this supplement for those who, like me have difficulty eating greens or food in general. I recently took the above combination with me the to a four day out of town convention and used cold water in a coffee to go shaker for a super easy breakfast way from home in my hotel. . My brain worked well all morning. Best food I ate the whole trip. “

- Christine Ford DDS

Beyond Organic

With each sip of your ‘Energy Greens’you can rest assured that you’re ingesting the highest quality raw superfood ingredients on the planet.

Each of the 8 ingredients is sourced from a cooperative of many small farmers. These small farmers and their ancestors have cared for their land for centuries, cultivating traditional foods without chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Beyond the basic requirements for organic certification, our partners encourage and share natural techniques for enhancing soil health and controlling pests, weeds, and disease ” all of which is better for these foods AND for the environment.

Likewise, your finished greens powder contains NO fillers or preservatives. Just 100% wholesome goodness that you and your family will love.

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Eco-Packaging That You Can Feel Good About

Your ‘Energy Greens’ comes in a sturdy airtight tin made from recycled steel (min 30%). Steel has a recycling rate more than 2 1/2 times higher than most other packaging options. Not only does recycling steel reduce the need to extract more iron and coal from the earth but these jars are often re-used as is, without the need for additional processing.

And we haven’t skimped on what’s inside. Open the lid and you’ll be amazed to see an almost FULL container “ not some half-empty tin that most other companies try to get away with.

One ‘Energy Greens’tin supplies you with an approximate 30-day supply if consuming the recommended 2-3 TBSP of your greens per day.

Fast Facts About ‘Energy Greens’

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Feel Good. Do Good.

Drinking your ‘Energy Greens’blend is your vote for a better you and a better world. The 8 superfood ingredients in this greens blend have been brought to you with absolutely no compromise.

Only the finest and highest quality superfoods have been used and we’ve paid a premium for the exceptional craftsmanship of small farmers, cooperatives, and indigenous communities.

Every point on this map is a place that you touch. A farm. A community. An economy. An ecosystem.

These are the origins. You are the source. Remember that each time you drink your ‘Energy Greens’.

You Deserve The Best...
And That’s You Get

As I’ve clearly shown, not just any greens powder will do, and that’s why I’ve developed this ‘Energy Greens’blend. By partnering with only the cleanest and most sustainable organic superfood farmers from various parts of the globe, this unique ‘Energy Greens’formulation trumps any other greens powder on the market.

As a reminder, your Energy Greens is:

What that means to you is this:

You’ll actually enjoy drinking your greens...(and so too will your kids)

As a result, your energy and health will improve greatly because you’re giving your body the alkalinity it’s cravings along with more absorbable nutrients from 8 health–transforming superfoods.

I’d also like to remind you that your Energy Greens is 100% organic and contains no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, fillers, or stimulants.

It’s also free of eggs, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, and soy, and it’s even approved for gluten–free dieters as it contains no wheat or gluten–containing particles of any kind. It really is the best of the best”we’ve spared no expense.

And truthfully, your Energy Greens couldn’t be any easier to benefit from: just mix 1 TBSP of our greens powder with 250ml of water 2–3 times per day and you’ll see and feel the difference almost immediately.

Consider This Your Unfair Advantage To:

1 YEAR Taste It and Love It Or Your


Our 1-year money back guarantee is simple “ if, upon trying your ‘Energy Greens’, you don’t believe that it’s the smoothest and best-tasting greens powder you’ve ever tasted and aren’t completely satisfied with your experience, we'll refund your order. All we ask is that if you've ordered more than one jar, that you return them back to us. Simply email our customer service team at info(at)totalwellnessconsulting.ca and we’ll take care of you.

Go To Bed Feeling Old And Tired...
Wake Up Feeling Like a Teenager!

Am I crazy?

No, I’m just so incredibly confident that you will see and experience the health-restoring, inflammation-fighting, alkaline-restoring, energy-boosting effects of my Energy Greens that I want to make it an absolute no-brainer for you to try it right now.

To begin experiencing just how easy, practical and convenient it is to get significant quantities of health-boosting greens and superfoods each day when you have my Energy Greens on your side, simply select your money-savings package below and then click Add to Cart.

And to help you enjoy your Energy Greens to the fullest and a wide variety of smoothies (outside of just water), you should also know that.

“At 63 years young, I feel better than ever.”

“Hi Yuri, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been using your Energy Greens Drink Mix for about a month and WOW, I feel great. Instead of reaching for that cup of coffee and a doughnut or bagel first thing in the morning, I take a scoop of Energy Greens either alone or with protein powder, add water and an ice cube in a shaker bottle, shake it up, drink it down and immediately I’m off and running with plenty of energy to get me through my day. It takes so little effort yet has a huge benefit. The best part is that I don’t crash and burn like I used to with the caffeine and sugar. Thanks for putting together this wonderful blend of superfoods. It has truly made a big difference in my life. At 63 years young, I feel better than ever.”

- Lisa F. Torrance, California

“I really enjoy the taste.”

“Hi Yuri, I have been using your “ENERGY GREENS” drink mix for about a month now. I use it once a day at lunch time. I have a tossed salad followed by a glass of the Energy Drink. I am impressed. I can feel the difference when I miss a day, I feel the loss of energy. I am a believer. I turned 70 this year and I need all the help I can get. My old body is not as forgiving as it once was. With your Energy Greens drink mix I don't feel like I am missing out due to the lack of produce in my area and it is a lot easier than processing a bunch of greens. I expect I am getting more nutrients then if I did my own. I really enjoy the taste, the more I use it the better I like it.”

- Mike Dobie

“I feel great, I am not tired at all anymore.”

“I have bought a few things from Yuri and love them all, plus I drink his Energy Greens each day by putting a tablespoon full in my morning smoothie. I like because it doesn’t give me gas, loose stool, or tummy problems like other greens have. I just enjoy knowing that I am getting more of the good things even though I do eat a lot of veggies and fruit. I feel great, I am not tired at all and I am so happy Yuri’s doing what he does best helping all to get there health back on track. THANK YOU YURI!”

- Louise Raymond

Every Order Comes With A


The 21 Energy Boosting Smoothies Recipe Guide!

-NOTE: 1 jar provides roughly 30 days worth of Energy Greens powder at 1-2 tbsp per day. Every batch is made fresh and we often sell out quickly. Also, today's price may go up in response to fluctuating commodity prices. Therefore, we recommend securing at least 3 jars with each order.

1 Bottle
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6 Bottles
$55 Per Bottle

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Q: How many jars should I order?

With research showing that increased alkalinity inside the body is one of the most important determinants of great health and sustained energy, I tell my clients that regardless of how healthy your diet, 1-2 servings of Energy Greens each day is best.

Each jar provides a one month supply (at 1-2 servings per day). With that said, it is best to stock up and save more today with our special 2-3 jars discounted packages in order to avoid missing a single day of feeling absolutely terrific.

These packages allow you to take advantage of our lowest possible prices today, without the worry of increasing prices and/or additional shipping fees later. Plus, if you order more than you feel you can consume, you can always give one to a friend or family member or return what you don’t need within 1 year of placing your order.

Q: How do I take these ‘Energy Greens’?

Simply mix 1 tablespoon of Energy Greens with water 2-3 times per day. Additionally, you can refer to the 21 delicious smoothie recipes that you get with your order for more yummy ways to enjoy your greens.

Q: What makes our greens better than others on the market?

In an effort to impress consumers, most commercial greens powders contain a "kitchen-sink' full of ingredients - usually 15 to 71 ingredients or more. But many of these ingredients are in trace amounts, too small to deliver any noticeable health benefits. Plus, they taste horrible.

In contrast, my Energy Greens is the best tasting greens powder on the planet and I didn't throw "the entire kitchen sink" into its superfood blend. Instead, only the TOP 8 most nutrient-dense superfoods in the world made the cut - and every single one of the superfoods comes in significant amounts that have been shown to help enhance health... protect against disease... and provide natural energy and well-being.

Q: What are the ingredients inside ‘Energy Greens’?

All of our ingredients are certified Gluten Free!

Certified Organic Ingredients:
Barley Grass Juice Powder, Alfalfa Grass Juice Powder, Spirulina Powder, Chlorella Powder, Goji Berry Juice Powder, Maca Powder, Cinnamon Powder, Vanilla Powder.

Q: Is it ok to take these greens long term?

Absolutely. Since each of the ingredients helps your body function as it should, it’s best to use Energy Greens daily, on-going. If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications please consult with your physician before using these greens long term.

Q: If I have a medical condition, can I take these greens?

If you take prescription medication or have a medical condition you’ll want to consult with your doctor. However, since these Energy Greens are 100% food-based and don’t contain any stimulants, herbs, or other contraindicated ingredients this product is considered safe and effective for nearly everyone.

Q: How will this be shipped to me and how quickly?

All orders are shipped by USPS and UPS International. We provide expedited shipping which means that if you live within the United States, you will receive your order within 3-5 business days.

For international orders, all orders are shipped via expedited mail (up to 5 business days) . Depending on the country you reside, you may be subject to duties/customs fees upon delivery.

1 JAR- $10
3 JARS- $15
6 JARS- $25

1 JAR- $16
3 JARS- $37
6 JARS- $50

1 JAR- $23
3 JARS- $50
6 JARS- $75

Q: What if I don’t like the taste or don’t feel like it’s working?

While Energy Greens was created to taste amazing and boost your energy and improve your health, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, just let us know and we will refund even empty jars without question. You’re protected by our 1-year taste it and love it or your money back guarantee.

1 YEAR Taste It and Love It Or Your


Our 1-year money back guarantee is simple...if, upon trying your ‘Energy Greens’, you don’t believe that it’s the smoothest and best-tasting greens powder you’ve ever tasted and aren’t completely satisfied with your experience, then simply email our customer service at info(at)totalwellnessconsulting.ca and we’ll refund your purchase.

“I have already lost weight.”

“With Energy Greens I don’t need to have a ton of greens in my fridge which is already full. Also I don’t need Maca, Goji, Chlorella, Spirulina etc. separately holding my mini kitchen space leaving no space for real cooking. And most of all it tastes good. If I don’t have fresh greens I use this one. With Energy Greens I can go on even I am in a hurry. I have already lost some weight, but the best thing is that I am no more as a balloon (except those days I eat as I use to). In time I am sure I will find more benefits but I am in the very beginning of my holistic change. I now drink a Energy Greens smoothie once a day. Thanks!”   - Maire Lehtonen Finland

“Great product!”

"I find your energy greens powder to mix easily, high in nutrient content, and, when blended with coconut water (my favorite everyday drink), tastes very good. Great product!"

- Corwyn Kalyn

“Thanks for making it taste so good!”

“When I first tried your energy greens I was really happy with the taste. As I was comparing it with the other greens I've tried. Yours is the best thanks for making it taste so good. I usually put the greens in a smoothie but this one I can even drink in just water and it's still awesome. :-) I only have one problem now, as I still have to finish the other green powder that I have bought.“

- Judy Meisner

“Love, Love, Love, it!“

I tried other greens powder, but this one is much better. It dissolves better, taste better and when I need an energy boost it beats grabbing a red bull, which is what I used to do! It even curbs my appetite when I have cravings for naughty food!”

- Terri Han Las Vegas, NV

“…a fast way to have something nutritional.”

“I’ve been a regular juicer for several years and enjoy the increased energy and feeling better. But some days things are too rushed to juice. Energy Greens is a fast way to have something nutritional. It tastes great with water and with almond or coconut milk too.”

- Ilene Strong

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